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The property is located 7 ˝ miles in off Route 28 on the Smoke Hole Road at Cabins, West Virginia. Just 4 miles from the Smokehole Canyon and the South Branch River that flows through the Smokeholes. The Smokehole Road is advertised through the West Virginia Division of Tourism as a must see less traveled road in West Virginia. You can take a drive starting from our property traveling south into the Smokeholes then on to Route 220 South to Franklin, WV. At Franklin you can turn right onto Route 33 towards Circleville and Seneca Rocks. The scenery is spectacular. You can visit the Seneca Caverns, Seneca Rocks and then take Route 28/55 towards Petersburg. You can stop off at the Smokehole Caverns then continue towards Petersburg until you meet the Smokehole Road 2 miles past Smokehole Caverns and drive back to your cabin.

Our property offers:

Star Gazing- an excellent area for star gazing. It is pitch black here as there are no lights from distant towns.

Horse Trail Riding- We do not rent horses, but if you own a horse, and want a place to ride where you can ride without the worry of traffic, then this is an excellent place to come. There is approximately one million acres of wilderness to ride through. We ourselves ride Redman Run Trail. It is 1 ˝ mile to the top and then you can turn left at the top and ride to the Smokehole Fire Tower and then back up the Smokehole Road (this road is paved) or turn right and ride to the bottom of the mountain and then ride the Smokehole Road back also. Or go off the beaten path and explore on your own.

Wildlife-There is a lot of wildlife on the property and surrounding it. Bear, deer, bobcat, raccoon, fox, hawks, falcons, squirrels to name a few.

Mountain views- Where ever you look you can see a mountain or mountains ridges and valley areas. We are located on the side of North Fork Mountain. Brushy Mountain is directly across the Smokehole Road from us.

Hiking- Redman Run Trail is 4 tenths of a mile from our property. This trail is as wide as a car until you are approximately 1/3rd of the way from the top and then it becomes a foot trail. On this trail is a National Forest Podium that talks about the Paragon Falcon released in the area several years ago. The trail is approximately 1 ˝ miles to the top. When you reach the top go out to the rock face and view parts of Dolly Sods, the ridges towards Seneca Rocks and the Spruce Knob Tower, elevation 4995 feet. The view is worth the hike. Bring your camera and a picnic lunch. You can continue your hike to the fire tower in the Smokeholes or towards Rt. 28 at the base of the mountain. We recommend bringing a good hiking book such as the “Monongahela National Forest Hiking Guide” by Allen de Hart and Bruce Sundquist . There are unmarked trails in the area if you are an avid hiker and like to explore.

Fishing on property- Free to our guests we offer 2 ponds to choose from. You must bring your own poles and bait. The large pond is stocked with channel catfish and the middle pond is stocked with large mouth bass. There are also blue gills and sunfish for the younger fishermen who just want to catch a fish.

Fishing off Property- 4 miles from the Smokehole Canyon and the South Brach River, a Blue Ribbon Stream just one of 3 in our nation. This river is excellent for trout and small mouth bass fishing, stocked every week by the West Virginia Fish Hatchery as water and season permits. Go to the for regulations and information on fishing, stocking, and fishing license requirements. Also, 7 ˝ miles from the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac River on Rt.28.

Aquatic life- The ponds offer more than fishing. There are frogs, lizards, salamanders, tadpoles, dragonflies, water fowl, our farm ducks, wild geese at times and more. It’s a great place to spend a lazy afternoon with the kids just looking or observing. Bring some bread for the ducks. Our ponds are spring fed and very cold. Some guests have taken a swim in the ponds, but remember they are very cold and there is no lifeguard.

Campfires- We do allow outdoor campfires when weather permits and the National Forest Service permits. We do not supply firewood but you are more than welcome to pick up downed wood on the property. We also from time to time have cut wood on the property that you are more than welcome to use when available.

Flora and Fauna- During certain times of the year you can observe mushrooms, wild flowers redbud trees and Dogwood trees in bloom. Also the Paw Paw tree in the fall bears its fruit and to some a delicious treat. We also have the Black Walnut trees if you wish to take some nuts home with you, the Hickory nut Trees, Hazelnut bushes, all grow wild here. There is also a wild mint that grows on the property that has a wonderful smell to it. We also have recently included a small variety of fruit trees and flowering trees to the property.

Bird watching- Below is a list of birds common to our area:

  • Blackbird-Red Winged
  • Bluebird- Eastern
  • Bunting- Indigo
  • Catbird- Gray
  • Cardinal- Northern
  • Chickadee- Black-eyed, Carolina
  • Cowbird- Brown Headed
  • Dove- Morning
  • Duck- Black, Mallard, Common Golden-eye, Hooded Merganser, Common Merganser,
  • Creeper- Brown
  • Crow- American, Fish
  • Eagles-bald, golden
  • Falcon- Peregrine
  • Finch- House, Purple, Gold
  • Flicker- Northern
  • Game Birds- Eastern Wild Turkey, Quail, Ruffled Grouse
  • Goose- Canadian
  • Grackle- Common
  • Grosbeak- Evening
  • Hawks-Red Tail, Cooper’s, Sharp Shinned, Swallow, Northern Gos, Rough Legged
  • Heron- Great Blue
  • Hummingbird- Ruby throated
  • Jay- Blue
  • Junco- Black-eyed
  • Kingfisher-Belted
  • Martin- Purple
  • Mockingbird- Northern
  • Nuthatch- Red Breasted, White Breasted
  • Oriole- Baltimore, Orchard
  • Osprey
  • Owl- Eastern, Screech, Great Horned, Barred, Short-Paved
  • Robin- American
  • Sparrow- Chipping, Song, House
  • Staring- European
  • Swallow- Barn
  • Swift- Chimney
  • Tanager- Scarlet, Summer
  • Thrush- Wood, Brown
  • Towhee- Eastern
  • Tufted Titmouse
  • Vultures- Turkey, Black
  • Warbler- Pine, Black & White, Common, Yellow Throat
  • Waxwing- Cedar
  • Whip-poor-will
  • Woodpecker- Downy, Hairy, Red Bellied, Red Headed, Pileated
  • Wren- Carolina, House, Winter